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This community is about music and people in punk, goth, industrial, and deathrock, etc. scenes, and how all of them blend into one another. We are simply trying to capture the pureness that has been stripped away. Dicussion of events, gripes about the scenes, and how older forms compare to newer froms in the genres.

In this community you can post pictures, promote your band(s), friend's band, talk about a certain band(s)/artist, talk about how much you love/hate a band/artist or if punk is dead or not. Get the picture? Pretty much anything having to do with punk/goth/industrial/deathrock/etc.


You're mods are xxxmusexxx, and now hisskeletonkiss.
Originaly made by velmonturna and xxxmusexxx
Get people to join and post topics. Post pics of your self, favourite band, concerts, etc.
Chicago events will be listed.

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